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Can You Relate?

  • Are you tired of wasting time with people who don’t want what you want?
  • Are you tired of picking the wrong person?
  • Have you wondered why modern dating is so hard?
  • Does it seem like finding your ideal relationship seem impossible?
  • Do you ever wish you had someone that could help you navigate the complicated stuff in your relationship?

If you answered “Yes” to either of these questions... Keep reading!

I Can Help You!!!!

Let me start by saying, “I am not new to transforming peoples' lives”.

15 years ago, my wife and I were headed to divorce court. We couldn’t get along, couldn’t communicate effectively, or resolve conflicts in a positive way. We decided that we would begin investing in our relationship so that it could grow. My spiritual father stressed to me during this time that you can’t profit from anything you haven’t invested in.

The light bulb finally came on in my head.

We decided to invest in our relationship and learn about ourselves and each other.

●   Self Love
●   Love Languages
●   Resolving Conflict
●   Effective Communication 
●   Attachment Styles
●   And Much

We restored our marriage. Well. It’s been 22 years and counting. I wouldn’t change a thing. She is my friend, lover, girlfriend, and wife all in one.

That was 15 years ago. Since then, I have helped save hundreds of marriages and helped unite thousands of couples.

The Relationship Academy

The Relationship Academy is an educational platform that helps singles and couples navigate the complexities of dating and relationships. It is a place where you will receive practical advice and strategies from a group of exceptional coaches, therapists, and thought leaders led by yours truly.

The Academy Is a mix of education and entertainment.

A Platform For All Things Relationships

  • Community Of Like Minded People
  • Strategies, Tips, and Techniques On All Things Dating And Relationships
  • Premium Content From A Variety Of Expert Coaches

You Are Never To Old Or Young To Learn

Here is some of the topics we will cover:

  • How To Be A Better Communicator
  • How To Date Effectively
  • How To Develop Self Love And Self Acceptance
  • Understanding the opposite sex
  • Handling Conflict Effectively
  • Better Sex and Intimacy
  • And So Much More!
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No topic is off-limits.

Our on-demand resources contain honest conversations about issues affecting real people like you.

Here are some of the topics we get into!

  • Dating
  • Communication
  • Conflict & Repair
  • Connection & Friendship
  • Family
  • Mental Health
  • Roles & Responsibilities
  • Self-Love and Discovery
  • Sex & Intimacy

Are You A Perfect Match For The Relationship

It's a match if you...

  • are committed to making your marriage the #1 priority in your life
  • are ready to finally be consistent without excuses, reasons, or justifications
  • can step outside your comfort zone and tolerate some anxiety in favor of growth
  • can admit when you've hurt your partner, and do the work to restore the relationship
  • are ready to be someone your partner can trust... who has their back, especially during the hard times
  • are prepared to open up and talk to your partner about anything, even scary stuff without it ending in a huge disagreement
  • desire a life full of amazing sex, regular laughter, and fun memories

It's not a match if you...

  • are looking for a way to blame your partner for your pain
  • are looking for someone to validate you, reassure you, or always take your side
  • want to find out how to change your partner or trick them into caring about your marriage
  • expect success to come quickly and easily. (We play the infinite game here!)
  • like to complain about your partner behind their back
  • refuse to admit when you've made a mistake, or take ownership when you've hurt someone
  • have a history of trauma or abuse, and you're looking for a replacement for therapy. (This is not a replacement for therapy!)
  • are unwilling to take responsibility. for the problems in your life.

The only expectations I have for you if you join are..

  • You are ready to grow, learn and become a better version of yourself.
  • you are willing to dedicate the time, energy, attention, and effort towards it.
  • You must be coachable. Being coachable means you're willing to show up, look at yourself, and do the work necessary for growth.

If you can agree to those 3 things, click the button below and we'll get started

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Meet Coach Ken...

As an expert in relationship dynamics and patterns, I can help you identify and overcome obstacles that may be preventing you from experiencing the love and connection you desire. Whether you are seeking to build trust, enhance intimacy, or navigate conflicts, my coaching sessions are designed to help you achieve your relationship goals.

My coaching approach is grounded in a combination of emotional intelligence coaching, positive communication techniques, and healthy conflict resolution skills. I also provide guidance on self-care, mental wellness, and healthy intimacy practices. By focusing on these areas, I can help you achieve greater emotional and relational health and fulfillment.

So, if you’re ready to level up your relationships and achieve personal growth and empowerment sign up today.

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